This info will only be used by conference organizers to prepare food, housing, etc. Feel free to use nicknames/pseudonumns and skip questions you are not comfortable answering.

The SEANet hosting Collective will be providing free housing and food throughout the weekend.
Suggested Donation: $5-$20 plus, no one
turned away, please send concealed cash to the PO box ahead if possible. Donations will also be accepted at the registration tables upon arrival. Please let us know on the registration form below about any housing, food, childcare or accessibility needs you may have. You will be sent exact logistical info once you're pre-registered.

Please copy the following text and email it to or mail in to the PO Box on our contact page.

Registration Form:

Are you registering as an Individual or a Group?
Group/Collective or Individual Name:
Number: Names:
Where you live:
Other groups You Are Part Of (Collectives, Organizations, Coops, etc):
Do you need Childcare?
How many kids? What ages? Info we should know about them ahead?
Can the childcare coordinator contact you to get suggestions for childcare?
Do you need housing? (Wheelchair accessible housing is available, please note your need)
Accessibility issues? Do you need a bed or is floor-space OK? Other needs? Preferences of who to be housed with?
Will you need Spanish-English interpretation? (We will try to accommodate requests for Spanish interpretation)
Do you have any special food/dietary needs? Allergies?
Will you have a vehicle while in Greensboro? (In order to pair you with housing you can get to)
Are you willing to be a contact for a "passion group"? If so, what one would you want to create/be the contact for? "Passion groups" are small groups of folks who share a common
anarchist/activist/organizing passion and will meet several times during the gathering to network, lounge, plot and plan....
Will you want to set up a literature table? For what group? Can you bring your own table?
(We might be able to provide a few tables if at all possible, but try to bring your own)
Can you bring art to display, or music, poetry, puppets etc to perform? If so, what? There will be talent show time and pre-planned performers on both Fri and Sat night. Anyone is welcome to contribute a few minutes during the talent show, and if you have something longer, there's a small chance there will be time on the "pre-planned" portion of the evenings. Let us know what you have in mind. Women, people of color, young folks, old folks, children, LGBTQQ folks and gender-queers encouraged to contribute!!
Ways you can help out during the conference: Childcare? Cooking? Driving your vehicle? Providing housing in Greensboro? Spanish interpretation?
Things you want to see happen during the conference, interests you have, other stuff we should we know about you... (We will do our best to incorporate as many ideas as possible into the structure of the gathering)

SouthEast Anarchist