The SouthEast Anarchist Network conference is the first of its kind in the southeast in recent history. As anarchists are moving towards community organizing and regional connections, the SouthEast is getting in on the act and planning a weekend of meeting new people, exploring new ideas, sharing our experiences in this historically conservative area and building alliances. Anarchists, anti-authoritarians, radicals and curious southerners are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Artists, Poets, Musicians, Performers....Bring your arts and talents to the SE Anti-Authoritarian Network (SEANet) Gathering happening in Greensboro, NC April 9th-11th. There will be open mic/talent show time and pre-planned performances both Fri and Sat evenings, and a common area for displaying and making art through out the conference. Anyone is welcome to contribute a few minutes during the talent show, and if you have something longer, there's a small chance there will be time on the "pre-planned" portion
of the evenings, just get in contact. Women, people of color, high school aged folks, older folks, children, LGBTQQ folks and genderqueers especially encouraged to contribute!!

SouthEast Anarchist