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Passion Groups

Pre-Conference Events

Eastern Events

Conference Weekend

Our central registration and info place will be the Commons, outside the Gallery of Founders Hall. All events will either be in Founders Hall, King Hall or outside, with shows both nights at the Grapevine Cafe 8pm to midnight. For directions, please check out the logistics page.

FRIDAY 04/09/2004

4-8pm Registration and set-up
6ish Dinner at King Hall
7PM Uwharria, Kakistocracy, Boxcar Bertha, The Ed Whitfield Experience, Nego, + 1 hour of open mic at The Grapevine Restaurant, 435B Dolly Madison Rd. behind the Quaker Village Shopping Center, behind Pizza Hut.sliding scale donation $5-$ with SEANet registration.

SATURDAY 04/10/2004

8-8:50am Registration & Breakfast
9-9:50am Group Opening
10-12am Race & Ethnicity Caucasus
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Gender Caucasus
3-7pm Passion Groups (networking & sharing groups based on activist interests) + G8 Protest Discussions
4-6pm G8 Discussion & Passion Groups
7-8pm Dinner
8pm - Dasan & Manju of Hiphop Against Racist War, Descolada, Tradition Dies Here, + 1 hour of open mic at The Grapevine Restaurant, 435B Dolly Madison Rd. behind
the Quaker Village Shopping Center, behind Pizza Hut. sliding scale donation $5-$ with SEANet registration.


8-8:50am Breakfast
9-10am Group Opening
10-12pm SEANet Network Proposals Discussion & Passion Groups
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Passion Groups
3-6pm Group Closing
Evening Community Event: Bio-Diesel Tour & Puppet Show performance

Anti-Oppression Workshops
We decided that some of our main focuses for the conference were anti-oppression and networking, in its many forms. something that some of us have been involved with and feel is really important is caucusing, and we wanted to build this into the conference. We feel like the caucuses important in bringing anti-oppression to the front of this conference. quite often issues of anti-oppression are pushed to the background of the focus of conferences and we want this conference to be different. We decided on race and gender becuase these are two areas where antioppression work is most needed in our society and also because we know some amazing folx to facilitate these caucuses.

Passion Groups
The passion groups are times for people who share a passion to get together and talk about that subject and network and get to know each other and share
experiences or skills or knowledge. We decided on this format instead of the traditional workshop format to try to get away from the teacher-student
dynamic that often happens in traditional workshops. We feel like this is a more egalitarian way to share and get to know one another. There had been a request, and we recognize a need for an alternative activity during the g8 and seanet/networking discussions as not everyone is interested in those topics. We decided on space for more passion groups during these times, to give people more opportunities to get to know people with similar passions. I hope that this helps to explain our reasoning behind our proposal. I'll be happy to answer any more questions that people have -

Pre-Conference Events

Sunday, April 4th, 2004 - 6:00pm
Community Potluck and Panel on Anarchism

Faith Community Church, 417 Arlington St., Greensboro
EVER SUSPECTED THAT THOREAU WAS RIGHT? Come to a community discussion on the active and growing anarchist movement both globally and locally. Despite being demonized by the mainstream media and the FBI (which paid the backhanded compliment of targeting them by name in a counter-terrorism memo last year), anarchists have been instrumental in some of the most important social movements of the last ten years, including the anti-corporate globalization movement, Indymedia, and Food Not Bombs.
If you are active in peace and social justice in Greensboro chances are very good that you know and have worked with local anarchists. You may even have wondered if anarchism didn't make a lot more sense than the mess we're in right now. So whether you are an active anarchist, just learning about anarchism or simply curious, bring a covered dish and an open mind to the first-ever Greensboro Anarchist Community Potluck and Discussion.

Thursday, April 8th, 2004 - 7:00pm
Open Discussion - Safe Space on @ism

SEANET is fast approaching and we are all getting super excited at how well things are falling into place. In preparation for the gathering, folks at Guilford College will be holding an open community discussion in The Underground of Founders Hall on Thurs @ 7pm. This will be a safe space for anyone in the community to voice any questions, joys, or concerns about anarchism in general or about the conference itself. It
would be great if folks from the surrounding area, or folks who are getting into town early could come to this event to help put a human face to these "mysterious anarchists who are about invade Guilford". We hope to address some of the long-standing demonization of anarchism,
and to also make Guilford folks feel more comfortable sharing their community space with a bunch of strangers.

(As an added incentive, we'll also be showing a video of PBS's NOW, with Bill Moyers, as well as some amazing first hand footage from Miami, complete with discussion on the current US atmosphere towards dissent.)

Eastern Events

This list was compiled by some Chattanooga activists. They have produced a nifty little zine that contains this calendar and more, "Rising Sun: a field guide to the eastern uprisings - a collection of happenings and places in eastern North America, 2004." Its intended as an easy to use guide to lots of the groovy happenings and places in the east this year. If you would like a copy, please drop an email to or send a dollar or two to PO Box 281 Chattanooga, TN 37401 They would like help with photocopying and postage costs. You can photocopy the zine and share it around. You can also add or delete things if you would like to. If you would like a version of it as an attachment in MS Publisher, please send an email to magnolia at you will have to add yer own graphics on that one.

Spring and Summer
Eco-Calendar of Events
(this calendar gets circulated all over, feel free to pass it on, to add events, please email

April 9-11 - Positive Action's Fourth Annual DIY/T (Do It Yourself/Do It Together) Fest and gathering in Athens, Ohio. The festival has been created to promote skill sharing within our communities and encourage autonomous living. If you're interested please email for more info.

April 9-11 - SEANET (southeast anarchist network) convergence Greensboro, NC email:

April 12 - Miso making worshop at Wildroots near Hot Springs, NC.

April 13-18 - Wild Foods Walkabout in western NC to wherever we decide. (866) 460-2945 / /

April 16-30 - Invisible Network Convergence - Chicago, IL. Gathering of filmmakers, activists, artists, musicians, programmers, designers, and other cultural creatives. Workshops, Skillshares, Networking and Creativity.

April 17-18 - Nuclear Weapons - Who Profits? Who Pays? - Gathering and protest at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Facility in Oak Ridge, TN. For information, please contact Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance at 865-483-8202,

April 21-25 - Washington, DC - Anti-globalization/Anti-capitalist protests during the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings.
call 202-IMF-BANK (463-2265) *

April 25 - March for Freedom of Choice - Washington, D.C.
1725 Eye Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington,DC 20006 phone: 202-349-3838 fax: 202-349-3839

RADICAL PRO-CHOICE CALL TO ACTION April 25, 2004: Washington, DC-feminists, radical cheerleaders, anti-authoritarians, anarchists and all those concerned with women's autonomy: join us for a highly festive mobile cheer bloc! To get involved contact: The Radical Cheerleaders of DC: or Corie at 202-246-1822 or or Michael at 202-213-3365 or

April 28-May 2 - Rivercane Rendezvous - a primitive skills gathering with workshops and skillshares. Call 828-389-9336

May Day - you know what to do!

May 8 - Visions in Feminism conference at University of Maryland, College Park. 703-276-9768 or email

May 15-16 - Montreal 5th Annual Anarchist Bookfair and Gathering 2515, rue Delisle (near metro Lionel-Groulx) MONTREAL, QUEBEC The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is the largest anarchist cultural gathering in northeastern North America. telephone: 514-859-9090 post: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2033, boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T3 CANADUH

May 28-31 - 14th Heartwood Forest Council, Middleburg, Virginia (45 minutes west of Washington D.C.) Forest protection gathering with workshops, great music, amazing food, bonfires, dancing & rejuvenation! For more info: (812) 337-8898 -

May 28 - 30 - Activist Summit and Communities Conference at The Farm near Summertown, TN. Contact: Village Media, PO Box 259, Summertown, TN 38483. 931-964-3574 or 931-964-2590 email: or

June 4-6 - Up Against the Wal-Mart! Protest the shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Email:

June 8-10 - Global Days of Action Against Empire! Take decentralized and autonomous action against the Empire! Also - The G8 is meeting at Sea Island, Georgia - there will be Anti-G8 globalization protests near Savannah, GA. or or

June 10-14 - Maryland Area Primitive Skills gathering.

June 13-21 - Eastern Forest Justice League Third Annual Forest Defense Training camp and skillshare in beautiful Southern Appalachia. contact: 423-949-5922,

June 18-20 - Allied Media Conference. Bowling Green, Ohio. Radical "become the media" networking and skillshare event. info: Become the Media/Clamor Magazine PO Box 20128 Toledo, OH 43610

June 18 - 20 - Reclaiming Economics: Local Strategies For Promoting Community, Ecology, and Self-Reliance. Near Black Mountain, Western North Carolina. This conference will feature workshops about strategies that communities can use to strengthen their local economies and counter the negative effects of globalization and corporate financial institutions.

June 18-27 - Natural Building Workshop at the Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, near Chattanooga, TN. Intensive 10 day workshop covering a variety of natural building methods, including cob and timber framing. SVI/Moonshadow - Route One, Box 304 Whitwell, TN 37397,, 423-949-5922.

June 28-July 5 - Earth First! Round River Rendezvous - annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement.

June 30-July 3 - We Are Resisting! Conference -
Anti-Imperialist/Anti-Capitalist gathering in Lawrence, KS, followed by a day of action on July 4, in Leavenworth, KS.

July 2-11 - Natural Building Intensive. Includes: Building With
Earth & Straw, and The Art of Earth Plasters. Earthaven Ecovillage 1025 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711 email: or

July 8-11 - 6th Annual Food For Life Workshops and Gathering at the Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, near Chattanooga, TN. . Join us for a variety of hands on workshops and discussions about Food. From the practical to the political to the philosophical, we try to cover it

July 26-29 - Democratic National Convention counter protests, Boston, MA. contact the Bl(A)ck Tea Society at

July 23-31 - Permaculture Fundamentals: Principles & Practices. Permaculture is about designing & living in a regenerative human culture. Learn & Practice the principles , strategies, and techniques for reinhabiting your world. or

August 5-8 - Eleventh Annual Southeast Summer Permaculture Gathering at Earthaven. Network with permaculturists, organic growers, natural builders, and others. Workshops, projects, bonfires, music, drumming and
dancing, and GREAT organic food! or

August 12-15 - North American Anarchist Convergence (NAAC) in Athens, Ohio. or

August 25-27 - International Food Not Bombs Gathering in NYC.

August 27-29 - 21st Annual Womens Gathering - Twin Oaks Community, VA. Contact: Twin Oaks Womens Gathering c/o 138 Twin Oaks Road, Louisa, Virginia 23093. phone: 540-894-5126 or see

August 29 - The World Says No to Bush - Worldwide Day of Action and protests in NYC preceding the Republican National Convention,

August 29 - Sept 4 - Republican National Convention counter protests and decentralized direct actions around NYC, and across the US and the globe.

September 3-5 - Twin Oaks Communities Conference - This conference is a networking and learning opportunity for anyone interested or involved in co-operative or communal 540-894-5126 or email or see

September 17-19 - Love Your Body: An Initiation into Women's Mysteries. Earthaven Ecovillage in western North Carolina. In a safe and sacred context, we will embrace the power of our female bodies. By honoring those aspects of ourselves, we will reclaim the love for our body which is essential for personal and planetary healing. Women only. or

September 20-26 - Idapalooza Fruit Jam - A Queer Music Festival in the hills of Tennessee!

September 24-26 - Common Ground Country Fair, Unity Maine. One of the countries premier organic country fairs!

More info on happenings, gatherings, protests, etc? is available from the following:, and

SouthEast Anarchist