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Anarcha-Feminist Links lists and webpages

Mujeres Libres (Free Women) -listserve. This listserve has dozens of people on it from all over the world. Often there are very interesting discussions related to anarcha-feminism. There's been talk on this list to organize some anarcha-feminist gatherings or conferences.

(A) Cutting through the patriarchy

A Selection of Modern Anarchist Writings by Women (Workers Solidarity Movement)

Workers Solidarity Movement: Gender

Anarkismo: Gender

Anarchism and Women's Liberation part of, a collection of anarcha-feminist related pieces of writing

NEFAC's Anarcha-Feminism page contains news and articles- English and French

Anarcha Feminism a website based out of Ireland

Spunk Library, Anarcha Feminism index a collection of modern writing, many from nicki clarke and flick ruby, also contains links to "SCUM manifesto"

Lucy Parsons Project

The Oppression Stops Here (retreived from

Anarchist Sampler: Gender, Sex, and Love quotes on gender from various anarchists including Emma Goldman and Carol Ehrlich

Radical Cheerleaders of the World Unite this page is based out of Canada, includes lots of cheers and other information on the radical cheerleaders

Radical Cheerleaders website based out of the U.S., also contains lots of cheers and other information

Anfema (not english)

Feministicka Skupina/Anarcho-feminist Group

La Rivolta

Canadian Anarchist Feminist Musings

Kirsten Anderberg- articles. Kirsten Anderberg writes very regularly on various topics related to activism, gender, and more. She's a columnist for

Mujeres Libres, women of Spain Notes for a talk given to the WSM branch meeting by Aileen, July 1995

Against Patriarchy This conference strives to be a part of a movement towards the elimination of male privilege, domination and sexism by creating dialogue, educating ourselves, and inspiring action. (based out of Eugene, OR-- postponed indefinitely)

Wemoon's Army "We raise hell and make a ruckus in order to deconstruct patriarchy & hierarchy within ourselves, our communities, and our world once and for all (for all time and all people)."

PMS Media independent media & blog

Let it be Known: Experiences of womyn activists "'Let it be known' is a forum for women activists to share their experiences (good or bad) and what they've learned. The zine (available in electronic and non-electronic form) includes inspiring and honest stories..."

LUNA eco-feminist-anarchist group

Mujeres Creando

Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van (Anarcho-feminist) Porn Collective

Croadcore - rad artwork

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