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Radical queer pages

black and pink bloc: your online home for queer liberation and tranarchy- website


les pantheres roses

Queer news on

Kersplebedeb Queer Resources

Queer by Choice

Queer Liberation Army

Rhythms of Resistance gender lab

Gay shame, San Francisco

Lesbian Avenger's Handbook

Deadletters includes essays and other writings on trans liberation, radical politics, feminism, gender identity, and health

Jesse in Jail Jesse Carr is an activist, student and trans man. He served a three month federal sentence in womens' facilities connected to protest against the School of the Americas.

Make Zine "Make is propaganda for activist agitation. We ride a rickety skate board between queer desires for social and economic justice, critical thought on anti-racism and poverty, and a belief in DIY political insubordination."

Radical Queer online zine

Make Zine: Transmissions Writings and Resources

Queer Zine Archive Project

Transgender Warrior Leslie Feinberg "a progressive, queer-centered, sex-positive, girl-friendly online community"

Past Out

Queer by Choice Information about choosing to be queer


Radical Queer and Trans Articles + Essays

Envisioning an Anarchist Alternative to Queer Political Co-optation by Tom Thomson

The Pink Panthers' Agenda

The origins of the Gay Liberation Front ... and disrupting the 'Festival of Light' - UK 1960s

Queer(y)ing Anarchism

Creating Change™ Will NEVER Create ChangeNGLTF-- Surrender Or Else!

My Story by Tiffani Pontchartrain

Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual oppression

queer notions iii

Wot's a Pink Block?

Queer Theories Challenges Assimilation by Julia Jones

The Radical Potential of Gay Marriage By Joel Olson

Anarchism, Heterosexism and Secular Religions 

Trans Liberation and Feminism: Self-determination, healthcare and revolutionary struggle by Michelle O’Brien

Radicals Queers of Queer Radicals?Queer Activism and the Global Justice Movement by Liz Highleyman

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace? Why we need queer critiques of gay marriage by Susan Thompson

Why We're Not Getting Married by Martha Ackelsberg and Judith Plaskow

On Gay Marriage by David Grenier

Gay Marriage By XXXarick Nerdcore

Ban Marriage! Craig Willse

What is the History of the Same-Sex Marriage Movement? by Liz Highleyman

Untying the Knots: Marriage Equality and the Struggle for Civil Rights by Jill Shenker

Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black? by Kenyon Farrow

Gender Skirmishes on the Edges: Notes on gender identity, self-determination and anticolonial struggle by Michelle O'Brien

When Good Gays Go Bad: Rita "Bo" Brown the Gentleman Bank Robber

S.T.A.R (Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries)

A History of Antiwar Queers: What Role Have LGBT People Played in Antiwar Movements?

Gay Shame: A Radical Queer Alternative by Matilda

Gay Shame - A Challenge to Gay Pride by Sara Jaffe, Pacific News Service, Jun 25, 2002

Clit Rocket: Queer revolution! An interview with Veruska Outlaw from Rome, Italy

Who's Riot? Our Riot! Reclaiming Stonewall

Queer Liberation: Expressing Our Outrage

Cutting Remarks: The SCUM Manifesto by Claire Dederer

Sex and Society - Pride and Prejudice: An Anarchist View of Lesbian and Gay Oppression

Leslie Feinberg's Speech at the Al-Fatiha Retreat

Reflections on Feinberg by Laura McNeill

Women, wimmin, womyn, womin, whippets - On Lesbian Separatism by Julie McCrossin


Queer + Trans Inclusiveness

Intersex and Transgender List of Demands created by intersexed and transgendered folks in the southeast US

Women Only Space: A Feminist-Informed Criticism by Jamie Heckert

Politics of Safety in Women-Only Spaces: An Opening Statement for the Dialogue by Emi Koyama

Addressing the Politics of Social Erasure: Making Transexual People Visible

Manual for trans inclusion for women's orgs- pdf file (retrieved from

Australian critique-type-thing of queer inclusiveness among anarchists (somewhat confusing)

A speech for a women's org (retrieved from

Trans Prisoner Support

Trans/Gender Variant in Prison Committee