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Beyond Gallery Walls And Dead White Men: Anarcha-Feminism In Action- interviews with anarcha-feminists,, based out of the bay area

AOTEAROA Dissident Voice March 2005

After the Fall, Anarcha-Feminist Issue

DorisDorisDoris or Doris (at Microcosm)

Queer Zine Archive Project

Getting Louder Everyday

Green Zine


LET IT BE KNOWN -- experiences of womyn activists

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Grrrl, Lady, Queer and Trans Folk Zines

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Literature for Women's Liberation (Kersblebedeb)



CS Distro Carries various zines including Doris, Hot Pants, Tenacious: Writings from Women in Prison, zines on alternative parenting, and lots more

Paper Trail Distro lots of zines on women's health, mental health, gender and feminist issues, Greenzine, Doris, Wive's Tales, Women's Self-Defense: Stories of Struggle and Survival, and more

Stranger Danger Distro

Ladymen Distro

Goldman Distro

Urban Armor

Microcosm Publishing

cherrybomb comics sells "herbal abortion" pamphlet and "hot pants" zine, and has several articles on their site

Ladymen Distro

see also Queer Zine Archive Project


"Born in Flames" movie review by sallydarity

Reviews of Quiet Rumours (google search)

Can’t see the wood for the trees? by William Bowles

Caliban and the Witch, Women the Body and Primitive Accumulation
(Sylvia Federici, Autonomedia 2004)
reviewed by Karl Kersplebedeb

The Military Strategy of Women and Children, New Revolutionary Amazon Theory by Butch Lee

Sketchy Thoughts: Feminist Economics 101: The first half of Marilyn Waring's Counting for Nothing



Woman of Color (brownfemipower) Blog

Radical Women of Color Carnival Blog

anarcha adventures (anna aniston's blog)

Sketchy Thoughts

G-Spot Magazine Blog

Alas, A Blog



Class, Feminism and Revolution Edited extracts from the Class, Feminism and Revolution recorded at this years Dublin anarchist bookfair. The meeting was organised by RAG (Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group) and was based around a written text

Anarcha-Feminism Radio Focus on histories and present formations of the intersection of anarchism and feminism, interview with Kate of the oral history project. Four segments, one half-hour each

Silvia Federici audio

Silvia Federici audio/video



Interviews with anarcha-feminist zinesters and others

Clit Rocket: Queer revolution! An interview with Veruska Outlaw from Rome, Italy

The Future Generation: a zine for subculture parents, kids, friends, and others: An interview with China Martens

Emancypunx: Creating space for women and making different perspectives visible in Poland, An interview with Yen