"A serious anarchism must also be feminist otherwise it is a question of patriarchal half-anarchism and not real anarchism. It is the task of the anarcha-feminists to secure the feminist feature in anarchism. There will be no anarchism without feminism."

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This is my webpage.  It's not exactly user-friendly or very traditional in its layout.  That's alright.  I'm not very traditional.

This page  came out of me discovering that some activists are in it for the punk points, and others feel as though there's a problem with everything except themselves.  I hate these people and I think they should probably move to some island and play Lord of the Flies.

Everyone needs to learn.  I think we need to stop throwing rocks at cops and start sitting down with each other and learning.  We need to read and have discussions and educate ourselves. We need to set up our OWN unadulterated education system.  Some anarchist communities have started doing this, and some have been doing it for years.  Others haven't.  Get crackin.'  The real revolution's inside of you and in your neighborhood, and as soon as we all figure that out, there will be no need to smash capitalism because it will already be gone...

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So, here's what's contained herein.  If this is tough on your eyes, here's the simpler site map

Stuff I wrote.  Don't call them rants.  Fuck rants.  Horrible stereotypes say that "crazies" rant.  I am not crazy.  Remember, you're the one with the problem.  So read:
Everything I've always wanted to tell you but couldn't because you're too busy patting yourself on the back
You want to know why I don't go to your fucking meetings anymore?
"By any means necessary"  (a guest column I wrote about physical "violent" responses to sexual harassment.  it got published in my school's newspaper, The Diamondback . yay.)
On the "rights of women" - about how "fetal rights" are used to detract from women's rights in ways they can't detract from men's.  It's short, I promise.
New: Puntive Actions Against Pregnant Drug Users  - against prosecuting pregnant drug users.  It was a term paper for a business writing class.  So my audience was... hostile to say the least.  I complain about writing this paper in the "On the 'rights of women'" peice above.  This is the paper that actually sparked that essay.

I've put together a list of reading material (some of which is available online) that's been helpful for me.  

I've also put together a list of links related to anarchism and anarchafeminism.  At first, there weren't many because I couldn't find many I liked.  In fact, I didn't like most of the links I originally found.  They were just there to prove a point.  Now, I'm starting to branch out and add some stuff I'm discovering through talking to different folks.  For the most part, the links are still crummy, but they're getting there.  If you've got better ones, link me up!

This is very random school-related shit .  We like to riot after football and men's basketball games whether we win or lose.  Hey, don't give me that look.  I've been ostracized by the local anarchists because they're sexist jerks and they like defending violent men at the expense of women.  I need something to do at night.  So I riot with my classmates.  Anyway, you'll find this amusing because it is adapted from the "Fight the Man and Get Away Safely" pamplet.  It's real cute.

If you got beef, if you got ideas, if you got some content, if you want me to link you up, e-mail me at:
Or consider visiting my messageboard .

So I've changed my thesis topic.  It's been changed.  I'm disappointed.  It has something to do with defining what legitimate research is and what isn't, and about choosing my fights.  I'm not giving up on my old topic, and the new one's alright.  I'll just have to do it on my time, without anyone breathing down my back.

Last updated 12/06/02 when I should have been sleeping.
added  punitive actions against pregnant drug users

Recent updates:
12/02/2002: The counter's been broken for like 2 months.  The company is run by one very haggard man.  It's a good company, though, I think.  Just when he got everything working again, some jackass decides to do DoS attack BS.  Not very nice.  If you're gonna do something annoying like that, DoS attack the World Trade Organization website, or the Philadelphia police website.  Or the DC police.  Or the Israeli Defense Force site.  Anything but my web counter.  So, the point is there's a new temporary counter.
I also added a site map.  Long overdue.
The new messageboard broke.  Again.  Stupid bust.  Here's the new one, which will not go down.  Ever.  
8/29/02:  I added something about keeping abortion safe and legal to my On the "rights of women" essay.
Added a new essay:   On "the rights of women"    to   my essay section
Also added Defining Anarchism: The relationship between “anarchist culture” and anarchism to the reading room
Changed the front page a little.  The old title was dumb.  My creative skills are shameful.
Considered changing the color schemes because I hear they suck.
Counter fucking broke.  Stupid counter.

I also added a postscript to that first essay, everything i've always wanted to tell you but couldn't because you're too busy patting yourself on the back
I added an essay i wrote about physical "violent" responses to sexual harassment .
I added a tiny note to the "Are you a manarchist?" quiz and "Femmafesto" citation on the reading material page.
Threw up a new Big Brother counter (this one's not squatted).  I'll take down the old ones as soon as I'm sure the new ones are working.
Also added International Women's Day info

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