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Articles on The Anarcha-Feminist movement

What is

What is Anarcha-Feminism (Anarchist FAQ)

What is Anarcha-Feminism ( sallydarity)

Wiki: Anarcha-feminism

Talk: Anarcha-feminism


Contemporary Anarcha-Feminist Writings

see also: the section on sexism & anarchism


Mujeres Libres Declaracion / Mission Statement 2005

Beyond Gallery Walls And Dead White Men: Anarcha-Feminism In Action 2005

Smash Patriarchy, Smash the State Australia, 2005

Anarcha-Feminism - Thinking about Anarchism by Dierdre Hogan 2004

Reflexiones Libertarias: anarco-Feminismo by Diedre Hogan 2004 (or Anarco-Feminismo: Pensando en Anarquismo)
What is Anarcha-Feminism? by E.G. Smith 2004

How comes that feminism practises what anarchism preaches or What is anarcho-feminism? (sic) rough english translation from from an anarcha-feminist group in Croatia, 2004

Notes towards an (anarchist? feminist?) critique of (anarchism? feminism?) by caitlin hewitt-white 2003/4

To the Daring Belongs the Future: The Anarcha-Feminist Movement by Anna Propos A school-paper style essay on some of the first of U.S. women anarchists - primarily discussing Goldman and deCleyre, what they focused on and what they were up against both in terms of liberal feminists and sexist anarchist contemporaries. (retrieved from (between 1995 and 2003)

Some thoughts on Anarcha-Feminism presented on June 12, 2002 at Anarchy:  The Intentional Creation of a New Movement, Eugene, OR

The Revolt of Adam & Eve A Green Anarcha-Feminist Perspective by Witch Hazel, 2002

Anarchist Feminism (Anarcha-Feminism) 2002-04

No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom by Sharon Presley 2000

Anarcha-feminism in Sweden, An anarcha-feminists' subjective perspective of anarcha-feminism pre-2000

Interview with Martha Ackelsberg: Anarchist Scholarship and Feminist Critique by Rebecca DeWitt 1997

Toward a General Theory of Anarchafeminism by Howard J. Erlich 1994


Pre- 1990's Writings

Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-Feminist anthology Introduction This is an introduction to what is arguably still the best book on anarcha-feminism (unfortunately, not saying a lot). The book is a reprinting of pamphlets produced by Black Bear in the late 70's/early 80's and has some new articles that may not be on the internet, but includes the following papers (*)...

*Anarcho-Feminism: Two Statements“As Anarcho-Feminists, we aspire to have the courage to question and challenge absolutely everything - including, when it proves necessary, our own assumptions.” (from Who we are: An Anarcho-Feminist Manifesto )“Why are many women sick and tired of 'movements'? Our answer is that the fault lies with the nature of movements, not with the individual women. Political movements, as we have known them, have separated our political activities from our personal dreams of liberation, until either we are made to abandon our dreams as impossible or we are forced to drop out of the movement because we hold steadfastly to our dreams. As true anarchists and as true feminists, we say dare to dream the impossible, and never settle for less than total translation of the impossible into reality.” (from “Blood of the Rose”) Two charmingly fire-breathing and idealistic statements, the second one insurrectionist.

*Lynne Farrow: Feminism As Anarchism Famous for the line “Feminism practices what Anarchism preaches,” Farrow gives a thumbnail of U.S. feminist history, critiques how most aspects of the Left have attempted to subsume feminist struggles, and encourages the feminist, anarchist practice of decentralized issue-specific problem-solving. Good on tactics, less strong on strategy.

*Peggy Kornegger: Anarchism: The Feminist Connection Radical Feminist Kornegger argues that feminists who are challenging all power dynamics have been anarchists all along and that making this inherent anarchism explicit prevents feminists from getting bogged down in reform.

*Voltairine deCleyre: An Introduction, and the Making of an Anarchist An autobiographical sketch of deCleyre’s childhood and adult practices, with some explanations re: some lines of anarchist thinking. Not as good as her “Anarchism” essay, I think.

*Carol Ehrlich: Socialism, Anarchism, and Feminism One of the best papers to date about feminism and anarchism (if somewhat sectarian). Discusses concrete questions (e.g. critiques of power dynamics, how these critiques can be used in bad faith) as well as theory (relates the Situationists to feminism, etc.).

Feminism in Liberty by Sharon Presley

Anarcha-Feminist Manifesto translated from French, 1983

Feminism and Anarchy Commission des femmes, Fédération Anarchiste, 1970


Anarchist/Radical Writings on Gender/Sex

Politicizing Gender: Moving toward revolutionary gender politics

Feminism: A Male Anarchist's Perspective by Pendleton Vandiver

Gender Self-Determination: Coercion, domination and self-determination by sallydarity

Gender Borders & National Borders

Men are from Earth, and So are Women by Aileen O'Carroll

Peices of Self: Anarchy, Gender, and Other Thoughts (pdf) Including: Patriarchal Conquest and Industrial Civilization, An Anti-Gender Rant, Beyond Feminism, Beyond Gender, The Ideology of Victimization, Beyond Sexual Identity: A Critique of Social Roles, Towards a Redifining of Terms and a Reconnection of Lives, Initiation, Devaluation of Menstrual Blood, What is Love?, Destroy Civilization?

Useless Gender by subrosa


Articles on Women & Class/the State

Women, The State, And The Family by E. Moraletat, Bete Noire (NEFAC-Montreal)

The World’s Largest Workplace: Social Reproduction and Wages for Housework by PJ Lilley & Jeff Shantz

Sex, Class and Women's Oppression (Workers Solidarity) -download pdf pamphlet

The Fight for Women's Freedom pamphlet (pdf)

Patriarchy and Globalization

Welfare in America: Institutionalized Woman-Hating by Kirsten Anderberg

Feminist Class Struggle by bell hooks


Anarcha-Feminist Organizing

Anarcha Feminist Meetings and Conferences (

Setting up and keeping going Anarcha-feminist groups

Untying the Knot: Feminism, Anarchism and Organisation (Contains "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" by Jo Freeman and "The Tyranny of Tyranny" by Cathy Levine

The Question is not 'Organisation or no organisation?' but 'what sort of organisation?'. And the same goes for structure

On Conflict and Consensus: a handbook on Formal Consensus decision-making

Ploys Used To Subvert Consensus

Politics of Safety in Women-Only Spaces: An Opening Statement for the Dialogue by Emi Koyama

Manual for trans inclusion for women's orgs- pdf file (retrieved from


Projects and Organizations

Interview about the launch of Dublin based Revolutionary Anarcho-Feminist Group who have just launched a magazine

Talking about Sexual Violence. Report from the RAG dayschool

The F-Files radio show various topics, interviews

The Radical Tea Party Radio Show
Sunny and Lani tear up the Bay Area with their anarcha-feminist radio show LOST

Guerilla Radio
Zicka wakes up Cleveland with her a-fem radio show LOST

Anarcha-Feminism Radio Focus on histories and present formations of the intersection of anarchism and feminism, interview with Kate of the oral history project. Four segments, one half-hour each

The Mother Earth Project
Jamie is collecting and archiving the original Mother Earth newspaper printed and edited by Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman in the early 1900. Write her at freemind at riseup dot net

Stichin, Bitchin, and Ending Patriarchy by Pip (pdf)

Anarcha-Feminist Renaissance Underway by Revolta Profundo and Belladonna Blackheart (pdf)

Women's Radio Collectives, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lake Worth, Florida: Gimme An A (on radical cheer, villa de vulva, fnb)


Other Articles

“True Compañeras”: Women’s Participation in the Popular Movement of Oaxaca

This Is Not A Love Story: Armed Struggle Against The Institutions Of Patriarchy

Overcoming the Acrimony That Divides Women by Maggie and Sylvia

Serial Torture Murders From Chihuahua to Edmonton, Guatemala to Alaska: Connecting the Genocidal Dots

What's new under the black flag? 

Anarcha-feminism and Animal Liberation

An Anarcha-feminist Profile - Mollie Steimer

Alternative Press Review Boys Snort Back! by Kirsten Anderberg

Tape Recorders as Self-Defense Against Welfare Workers by Kirsten Anderberg

Too Angry for What? by Kirsten Anderberg

Liberated? by sallydarity

Anarcho-Feminist Celebrations December 5 to 12 1986 near Porepunka, Victoria

Interviews (not exclusively anarcha-feminist)

Clit Rocket: Queer revolution! An interview with Veruska Outlaw from Rome, Italy

Interview about the launch of Dublin based Revolutionary Anarcho-Feminist Group who have just launched a magazine

The Future Generation: a zine for subculture parents, kids, friends, and others: An interview with China Martens

Creating space for women and making different perspectives visible in Poland, An interview with Yen

Finding Colours of Resistance: An interview with Pauline Hwang and Helen Luu by Chris Crass

Grounding Power: An Interview with Nrinder Nindy Kaur Nann by Chris Crass

Mujeres Creando, An interview with Julieta Ojeda of Mujeres Creando (Women Creating) By Sophie Styles

Interview with Julieta Paredes of Mujeres Creando

An Interview with Ramona Africa by Hans Bennett



Web Forums

Anarcha forum at discussion of anarchafeminist theory, hopefully a catlyst for anti-sexist action and womens liberation through egalitarian revolution of culture and society

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myspace: AAFS

myspace: la rivolta

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