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Rogue Midwifery: Birthing Babies on the Sky by Kirsten Anderberg

Passionate Learning: School Authority vs Teaching Excellence by Kirsten Anderberg

Parenting vs. Protesting by Kirsten Anderberg

Queer as Your Folks by Michael Bronsky

Parenting for Youth Liberation an interview With Cynthia Peters By Tim Allen

Breastfeeding at the Barricades by Rahula Janowski

Prioritizing Kids in the Anarchist Community by amberraekelly

Raising Children of Color in White Anarchist Circles by Victoria Law

Youth Liberation by (I)An-ok Ta Chai

Punk Parenting: The Future Generation Interview by Jeff Bagato

Anarchist/Radical Parenting by RAMBL (Radical Anarchist Mom and Baby League)

Anarchism and Youth Liberation by Marc Siverstein

Parenting for Youth Liberation an interview With Cynthia Peters by Tim Allen

The Future Generation: a zine for subculture parents, kids, friends, and others: An interview with China Martens

What Judith Levine is Really Saying By Liz Highleyman, AlterNet

Zine Review: Milk (The Heavy Issue, #3) by Kirsten Anderberg



Radical Anarchist Mom and Baby League

MAMA Mothers' Alliance for Militant Action

Mommas Engaged in Social Support for Insurrection, Revolutions, and Potlucks "MESSIRAP is a resource for mamas. We are a virtual community that is collectively run by a majority of mothers of color. We welcome activist mamas facing struggles in their daily lives and women who are committed to fighting oppression in all its forms."

Infoshop's Radical Parenting page


Feministicka Skupina/Anarcho-feminist Group

LILITH, Anarcha-Feministische Courant