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Health & Healing

Collectives, forums:

Anarcha-Feminist Health: Brighton Collective

Anarcho-Feminist Health (Brighton) listserve

Herbal Contraception listserve

Bloomington Women's Health Collective: Your Full Cervix Station

Pomegranate Radical Health Collective

Self Care:

Our Bodies, Our Lives! Feminist Health, Healing and Herbs

Regaining ControlTaking Health Care Into Our Own Hands by Liz Highleyman for the Boston Anarchafeminist Self-Health Group

To Thine Own Vulva Be True by Kirsten Anderberg

Black Women's Health Imperative, Herbal Remedies

Take Back your Body: A D.I.Y. Gynecology Primer (retrieved from

Spectacular Specula: an activist dyke discusses self-care, queer reproductive rights, and her os

Vagina Pagina a resource guide based on livejournal, containing various issues pertaining to women's health and sexuality from various perspectives

Women's Health Specialists, self help home remedies

Women's Health Information (Feminist Women's Health Center)


Probing the Mysteries of Body & Cycle - Menstruation, - Charting - Fertility Awareness (

Alternative Menstrual Products

How to Make your own Washable Cotton Pads

Catching the Blood: Cloth Pads vs Paper pads & Tampons vs Menstrual Cups

Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

How to Make your own Washable Cotton Pads

Herstory of Women's health

Witches, Midwives, and Nurses:  A History of Women Healers

Sterilization Abuse: A Task for the Women's Movement by the Chicago Committee to End Sterilization Abuse (CESA) (January-1977)

Women's Choice Clinic Herstory

A view from the Loop: The Women’s Health Movement in Chicago By many Chicago women with HealthRight (Late 1970's)

[Feminist] Self Help Clinic Celebrates 25 Years

Reproductive Freedom

Aborto y Libertad Sexual (spanish)

Jane articles and resources Jane was an underground abortion service for a few years before Roe v. Wade in Chicago

Pro-Choice Revolution or Reform? article

Putting the Control Back in Birth Control: Racism, Class and Reproductive Rights

Abortion, contraception... the struggle goes on! Organisation communiste libertaire - Paris (OCL)


Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose

Abortion Rights: a Workers Solidarity Movement policy statement

Herbs not the only abortion option

Herbal Abortion is not D.I.Y. by Mollie Coddle

Women's Choices by sallydarity

A Radical Critique of the Liberal Pro-Choice Movement By Corie Osborn RCDC Collective

Strong Hearts and Poisoned Waters: The Exclusion of Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement in the U.S. by Puck

Herbal Contraception (

Probing the Mysteries of Body & Cycle - Menstruation, - Charting - Fertility Awareness (

Sexual Relations - Contraception - Diseases & Viruses - First Timers (

When Birth Control Fails - Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy (

Living with Our Fertility: A Women's Guide to Synergistic Fertility Management; Fertility Awareness, Herbs affecting the Menstrual Cycle, Herbal Contraception & Herbal Abortion- An Alternative Approach

Herbal Fertility Control: Contraception and Abortion:An Ancient but Practical Approach for Women Who Want to Take Charge of Their Reproduction and Fertility, and Make Every Child a Wanted, Loved, and Planned-For Child!

Pop Quiz on Transracial & International Adoption by Emi Koyama


Anarcho-Feminist Health (Brighton) listserve

Herbal Contraception listserve

Sex & Sexuality


Three Steps to Better Sex, Sounds, stated desire, anticipation by Violet Rose

Cummin' Alive Fucking Patriarchy Through Radical Relationships by Wendy-O Matik

Finger-bang Your Way Out of a Sex Rut!

A Green Anarchist Project on Freedom and Love by Mae Bee

The Politics of Poly Love by James Heddle

Sex Is Not The Important Thing by Michael Aluna

Consejo caliente para disfutar y radicalizar el sexo (spanish)

Towards Consenting Relations: Anarchism and Sexuality (.doc) by Jamie Heckert

Frozen Inside (Questions on Consent) by Cindy

Orgasms without Obligation by Molly Coddle

Polygamia (spanish) by Molly Coddle

Let's Talk About Sex by Nickie Roberts, former prostitute and stripper (from the Class War Federation)

Anarchism and Sex- Organize #59

Anarchy and the Sex Question by Emma Goldman

Marriage and Love by Emma Goldman

Aborto y Libertad Sexual (spanish)

A Taste of Latex, A Taste of Anarchy by Kiwi

Autonosexual Revolt "An amazing pansexual zine created by queer anarchists in Minneapolis who were key in establishing and maintaining the Emma Center--an anarchist community center."

Why Feminists Should Rethink on Sex Workers’ Rights by Hilary Kinnell

Sex Work

Sex Workers with Attitude

Interview with an Anarchist Dominatrix

Spread Magazine Magazine for and by sex workers

Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA


The Porn Debate

Porn as Power: a Fallacy of Liberation

Pornography: Liberation or Enslavement?

Suicide Girls, Burning Angels and the commodification of Punk aesthetics by Thera

An Anarchist Defense of Pornography

Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Initimate Violence

Talking about Sexual Violence. Report from the RAG dayschool

Our Own Response by Yareak Unowho RIP

Frozen Inside (Questions on Consent) by Cindy

Thoughts about Community Support Around Intimate Violence- zine

Activist Scenes are No Safe Space for Women: On Abuse of Activist Women by Activist Men by Tamera K. Nopper

the healing journey as a site of resistance by billie rain

Survivor Project

Domestic Violence and Social Work from an Anarchist Perspective
by Inza (retrieved from

Toward a Harm Reduction Approach in Survivor Advocacy by Emi Koyama

Born in Flames Conference June 24-26, 2005, Portland

Body Image Issues

Radical Body Politics for Women by Kirsten Anderberg

A New Fat-Positive Feminism: Why the Fat-Positive Feminism (Often) Sucks and How to Reinvent It by Emi Koyama

Queen Size Revolution

Nomy Lamm

Good Vibes: Sexual Self-Image (Getting to Know and Like Your Physical Self)

Chemical Coolness: Anti-Capitalists in Makeup and Hair Dye by Kirsten Anderberg


Mental Health

Understanding Mental Illness by Astrogirl

The Icarus Project

Out of Sight, Out of Mind by the Class War Federation


girl army

the street harrassment project