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Commentary/Critique on sexism, male privilege, patriarchy

Listen Anarchist! Sexism in the Movement by Miriam and Ali

What's New Under the Black Flag? By Klito, Alternative Libertaire, Paris, March 2005 issue

Activist Scenes are No Safe Space for Women: On Abuse of Activist Women by Activist MenSexual Abuse in Activist Communities by Tamara K. Nopper

Feminism and Anarchism: Towards a Politics of Engagement by Krysti Guest

The Precarious Union of Anarchism and Feminism by Red Sonja

Sexism in the Anarchist Movement by Angela Beallor

Male Dominated Media CANNOT Be Alternative Press by Kirsten Anderberg

A Man's Heaven is a Woman's Hell by Kirsten Anderberg

Let Patriarchy Burn

Stick it to the Manarchy

and Manarchy Response

Are You a Manarchist Questionnaire

Are You Stuck on Manarchy? Poor Communication Can't Smash Patriarchy

Thoughts on Feminism and Dividing the Movement by Caillech

Make Your Own Tea: Women's Realm and Other Recipes and Patterns (Women and Class War)

Just Ask a Woman by Traci Harris

What We Want by Jennifer Sauer

Unmasking Male Privilege by nikki craft

A Message to "Anarchist" Men, and then some by Molly Tov

You want to know why I don't go to your fucking meetings anymore? (retrieved from

By any means necessary (retrieved from

Everything I've always wanted to tell you but couldn't because you're too busy patting yourself on the back (retrieved from

Anarcha-Feminism by Flick Ruby

What it is to be a girl in an anarchist boys club

Anarchafeminist Manifesto

Towards Womens Freedom, a Workers Solidarity Movement Position Paper

"How Can I Be sexist? I’m An anarchist!” By Chris Crass2003

Breaking the Ice: Anarchist Men and Sexism in the Movement by Ernesto Aguilar

Anarchy or Patriarchy by Leo Vidal

Anarcho-Feminism & Anarchist Liberalism- Analysis

Shut the Fuck Up or, How to act better in meetings

Deep in the Mind of a Manarchist part one by kooky

Deal With It! Online (zine) articles

Patriarchy, Civilization, and the Origins of Gender by John Zerzan


Anarchist Critiques of Identity Politics and Response:

Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics by Jamie Heckert

Identity Politics- Capitalism in Action!

Identity Politics and Essentialism by Roger White

How can we dance? A brief look at Post Left Anarchism by Roger White


Not specifically Anarchist:

Understanding Patriarchy Chapter 2 in "The Will to Change" by bell hooks

Sexual Domination in Uniform: An American Value by Linda Burnham