"Similarly, women's resistance is overlooked, made invisible, written out of hystory: from the diggers to the dockers, go directly past the suffragettes, do not collect any credit. Or perhaps worse, women's resistance is only understood as the co-opted part of the movement. Just as mainstream society looks upon Greenpeace as radical ecology, the co-opted liberal end of feminism is falsely viewed as feminism. But feminism is not about whether white middle-class western women can wear lipstick or not, it is about poverty and violence and power."
- Do or Die - Voices from the Ecological Resistance, Issue 8

We want anarcha.org to be as interactive a site as possible. While we know that the internet should not be substituted for real-world interaction, we find many of anarchist resources, public libraries, school libraries and radical spaces lacking in hosting enough anarcha-feminist, women's anarchist or gender anarchy resources. The best way to amass a wide variety of relevant material is together.

The Anarcha Site

Newswire - we need you to write and/or submit stories for the newswire.

SallyDarity Anarcha-Feminism & Gender Anarchy Resource Page - we need folks to find, write and submit anarcha-feminist articles.

The Anarcha Project - This site was initially started to tell people about the anarcha project. Kate really needs your help to communicate and suggest other women, transgender and otherwise anarchists and anti-authoritarians for the project.

Suggest Something! Want to do a printable coloring book, a weekly comic strip, a sewing section, a theory discussion, smash the state, etc etc. . ? We want this to be an interactive and participatory site! We are learning this whole web thing ourselves, so if we can do it, we'd love to. Write us and let's jam.

Other anarcha-feminist projects:

The Radical Tea Party Radio Show
Sunny and Lani tear up the Bay Area with their anarcha-feminist radio show

Guerilla Radio
Zicka wakes up Cleveland with her a-fem radio show

The Mother Earth Project
Jamie is collecting and archiving the original Mother Earth newspaper printed and edited by Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman in the early 1900. Write her at freemind@riseup.net

Mother's Alliance for Militant Action

Anarcha-Feminist Kiosk - Infoshop.org's anarcha-feminism section

Mujeres Libres - A long-running international anarcha-feminist listserve. Great place to learn more about anarcha-feminism and hear from folks from all over.