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anarcha.org editorial policy
version 1.0 : : 04/04/04

Anarcha.org exists to provide an online resource for the anarcha-feminist movement, to the greater public. We aim to promote all forms of radical anti-statist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, pro-women, transgender, LGBTQ and ally worldview.

The editorial policy is a general guideline. By no means the end-all, be-all, it will change with time and input from collaborators and the public.The information provided below is meant for anarcha.org moderators, but is available for the public to explain how the news service works.

Editorial Notes

1) anarcha.org is NOT an open newswire. People are welcome to submit news, but there is no expectation that every item will be approved. This is mainly because of resource limitations, but also because of content and other issues.
2) We have a limit of 5-10 news stories per day. We have this limit because want the site to stay manageable (for us) and readable (for the public). We want people to feel that they can keep up by checking by once a day.
3) First priority on the newswire is given to articles and news written by or about anarcha-feminists, anarchist women, or about gender anarchy issues. On some days days, the newswire will include a variety of articles and news of general interest to anarchistas.
4) anarcha.org will include articles from a variety of sources, including mainstream corporate news and other independent news sources. However, these types of articles should not be posted on a daily basis, nor should it dominate the articles.
5) News stories and opinion should be newsworthy and current. People who want to see older material posted on anarcha.org can either post it in the anarcha messageboard, or submit it to the sallydarity resource page.

6) Articles and excerpts from magazines and zines should be submitted by people associated with the publication. anarcha.org will set up arrangements with magazines and zines to make sure that authorized people are posting content from the publication.

Editorial Practice

1) Choosing submissions - Throughout the day, people will submit news stories and articles. This is where you have to make an editorial judgment call. Think about what would be of interest to anarcha-feminists, anarchists, the public and what is current and interesting.
2) Corporate articles - Generally, only the first few paragraphs from a corporate news article should be posted, so that we can avoid copyright infringement complications. Create a "Read more" link to the rest of the article.
3) "Anarcha-Feminist events" - Events posted under this topic should be of interest to a region or bigger. Information about strictly local protests should not be approved for this newswire.
5) "Summary box" - The content of this box should be a teaser for the news story. Often, the first paragraph or two from the story is the best content for this box. If the text is from the article, or wasn't written by the person who posted it, put the text in italic tags. You are free to add a one to two sentence editorial comment after the teaser text. Often the people who submit the news story will put nonsense or a sentence fragment in this box. Feel free to remove that content in order to insert content that better describes the news story.
6) Link box - Please be careful about posting long URLs in the "Link" box below the story. In general, long links should be put into the body of the story.