So, a lot of the contributions so far have been more anti-government or anti-violence than specifically anti-G8. But, I'm just putting up what folks send in. Slice as you see fit.

YES - we need more stencils. Click on image to enlarge.

I like the phrase better than the stencil - feel free to use it and/or modify the stencil itself. It's legible even at pretty small sizes, so you can sneak it in the most unlikely places.

"This is a negative stencil. You are supposed to cut out the white parts, and paint it with a light colour on dark backgrounds. Don't use black paint, it will make it look ugly. You can leave the girl's hair out, or design your own. It's much easier to cut that way." - flipa

Pirate Mike D. send us this one. He says "Much easier on the hands.."

Mike D. says "It's pretty easy to make, just cut out the black parts. The eyes might be a bit hard but if your blade is sharp it shouldn't be much of a problem."

Someone could add G8 somewhere in this stencil. If you use this one, you're gonna have to find space to cut out in the holes in the letters. You'll figure it out.

This is more of an anti-election peice, but what the hey? Again, you're gonna have to find space to connect the centers of the letters / peace and @ signs with the outside areas.

A bad-ass multi-layer stencil by DM - check out his work at stencil revolution.

Download both peices to create this one.

Another one by DM. What is this guy saying? "Watch out for that state of emergency behind you!" ? Or perhaps "Woah - just like Carlo!"