The self-appointed leaders of global capital are descending upon Sea Island, Georgia June 8-10th this summer to decide our futures for us. Since these rich men, who maintain global inequality, war and starvation are hiding from the people on a secluded, militarized island, ideas will have to be spread elsewhere. There may be 25+ million dollars worth of cops in Georgia, but they can't be everywhere - you decide the time & place! Matching 'em spray-paint for pepper-spray.

Southeasterners have called for days of decentralized and autonomous direct action across the globe to coincide with the meetings. CREATE VS G8 is calling on graf & stencil artists to donate a little paint. Send us your baddest stuff and we’ll toss it up here for anyone to print out and decorate the town. Any time is good for painting, but June 5th is insurrection night.

Artists can send in their stuff to:

1) e-mail ***""***
2) directly mail your stencil to:
Create vs G8
22 Arlington
Asheville, NC 28801

Now, if you just want to throw up some designs, pick out a stencil. (We know this is the hardest part) Then:

1) Print out your stencil on plain paper, possibly enlarge it for a bigger peice.
2) Glue the paper onto some cardstock, manila folder, an old x-ray, etc.
3) Cut out the design with an exacto or utility knife.
4) Test out the design and make modifications.
5) Decorate your living room, staircase & kitchen (but *not* public property - remember!!!)