The Anarcha Project is hitting the road again, this time around the NorthEast/eastern plains. I would love to come to your community and talk to anarchist and antiauthoritarian people (mostly women and trans folks, although this definition is not set in stone). I have interviewed people from all over the west coast, the southwest and in a bit of the mid-southern US. The Anarcha Project is a people's history project that seeks to increase women + trans' voices in our current media and for the historical record. The Project, when complete, will consist of a book comprised of selected interviews, a video archive of all the interviews and the website, which will include audio portions of some interviews.

I will be departing for the interviews on July 14th and the tentative schedule is as follows. These times will change if folks from small nearby towns contact me and if some cities turn out to have more response than others. If I am missing a major anarchist community, please let me know. I am an Arizona girl - not so familiar with these opposite-corner-of the-country scenes.

Washington, DC/Baltimore - June 14th - 17th
Philadelphia - June 18th - 20th
New York - June 21st - 25th
Hartford - June 26th - 27th
Providence - June 28 - 29
Boston - June 30 - July 2nd
Machias, Maine - July 3rd - 5th
Manchester - July 6th - 7th
Bethel - July 8th
Montpelier - July 9th - 10th
Syracuse - July 11th - 12th
Buffalo - July 13th - 14th
Pittsburgh - July 15th - 16th
Morgantown - July 17th
Cleveland - July 18th - 20th
Columbus - July 21st - July 23rd
Detroit - July 24th - July 25th
Ann Arbor - July 26th
Chicago - July 27th - 29th
Madison - July 30th - 31st
Minneapolis - August 1st- 2nd
Sioux Falls - Aug. 3rd - 4th
Omaha - Aug. 5th - 6th
Kansas City - Aug. 7th - 8th
Lawrence - Aug. 9th - 10th
Wichita - Aug. 11th - 12th
St. Louis - Aug. 13th - 14th
Indianapolis - Aug. 15th - 16th
Cincinnati - Aug. 17th - 18th
Greenville - Aug. 19th